Good Manufacturing Practices

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Good Manufacturing Practices



The main Purpose of GMP: To prevent harm to end users such as: Ensuring that the final products are non-contaminated, products are checked for quality and most importantly, the personnel must be well trained to check the products




Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines



Manufacturing facilities must maintain a clean and hygienic manufacturing area and controlled environmental conditions to prevent cross-contamination


Manufacturing processes must be clearly defined and controlled. All critical process are validated to ensure consistency and compliance with specifications, and any changes in the process must be evaluated


Instructions and procedures should be written in clear and unambiguous language using good documentation practices, and operators should be trained to implement and document procedures


Records must be made, manually or electronically during manufacture that demonstrate that all the steps required by the defined procedures and instructions


Records of manufacture that enable the complete history of a batch to be traced must be retained in a comprehensible and accessible form


A system for recalling any batch from sales or supply


Customer complaints related to products must be examined such as: Product defects (smell, taste and color) must be investigated, and appropriate measures taken to prevent recurrence


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