What does Quality 4.0 means for Quality Professionals?

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What does Quality 4.0 means for Quality Professionals?

Industry 4.0 technologies are driving a transformation throughout the manufacturing industry.

Data quality and interconnected data-sharing systems will have great effects on quality management, from increasing the speed of improvement and lowering the cost of quality to driving skill shifts.

Quality professionals need to learn and incorporate these developments into their workflows to stay competitive.


  1. Very interesting introduction to 4.0 industrial revolution which is mainly based on Interconnected data, IOT, Within a digital platform and utilizing artificial intellegance and machine learning. ASQ have provided useful insight on Quality 4.0 in particular, we need to learn more deeply about this new era, hence it will change the face of Quality prospective to be more proactive and predictive in nature rather than responsive or reactive.. Thank you for the post. Keep progressing with best wishes...


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