What is the food defense

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What is food defense?

Food defense is the protection of food products from intentional contamination. Food defense involves putting security measures in place that reduce the chances of someone intentionally contaminating the food supply.

: Examples
  1. Uniformly mixed products/batches
This category would include products such as ground beef, processed meats, baked goods, and/or other processed products that are uniformly homogenized. 
  • Large batch size
This category would include liquid storage silos, tanker trucks, and/or other food service products/ingredients that are batched in large volumes.
  • Short shelf life products
This category would include fluid dairy/milk, perishable items, and/or other processed products that must be refrigerated. products.
  • Easily accessible entry points
This category would include components such as back doors to your operation, loading docks, employee entrances, and/or other entry points to your operation. 


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