Good Laboratory Practice

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Good Laboratory Practice


The Specifications developed by a company based on a standards organization such as the Standards and Metrology Organization that provides an integrated framework for quality control in laboratories
Good Laboratory Practice Guidelines
Safe Lab PracticesGood lab practices are an integral part of conducting research safely such as; Lab coat, gloves, eye protection, and appropriate attire should be worn at all times in the lab
No Food or DrinkConsuming food in the laboratory can pose many risks such as increased risk of exposure to hazardous materials, contamination of your experiments, and a distraction that can lead to spillage or a more serious accident
Good Hygiene
Wash hands after handling any hazardous materials and before leaving the lab
Keeping personal items separate from lab work
Do not apply cosmetics while in the lab
Use Proper Storage Containers
Chemicals should be stored in containers made of materials that will not react
Large volumes of flammable chemicals must be stored in fire-rated cabinets
Waste products should be stored in non-reactive containers
Label Your WorkSpace
All containers should be labeled with their contents
Any research process with a particular hazard should also be labeled with that hazard
Don't Work Alone
During normal operations, no one should work alone in a laboratory environment
Provide faster support in case of emergency
Notify your supervisor before entering the laboratory and when leaving


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